We caught up with RNB artist aimi in August at Studio MSR in Shibuya (Tokyo) for a new interview. In this video, aimi opens up by telling us about her passion for GNI and writing, her different influences, citing Jhéné Aiko, H.E.R and other artists. She also keeps telling us about her 1st EP “Water Me” available since May 2020. Enjoy your viewing!

aimi is an RNB singer from Narita. She is entering the Japanese and international music scene this year with her first EP “Water Me” unveiled in May 2020. She herself writes all the lyrics for these songs and surrounds herself with music professionals like Shingo S, producer of benchmark music in Japanese GNI.


Production : Real Japanese Hip Hop
Artist : aimi
Interview : DJ Mariennu
Making : Tokyo Blu Nation
Film makingTristan Denis / ATTANGO
Translation : Youcef Touali

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