Japanese rap albums released in July 2021

9 Japanese rap projects were released during the weeks of July 2021 and are available on streaming platforms. Artists in this video : Hawo Beats, Shurkn Pap, SHAKKAZOMBIE, Gottz, Norikiyo & Dj DEFLO, SHEEF THE 3RD, LEX, Issugi and Kvi Baba.

All Japanese rap albums available here

ALBUMS/EP and singles LIST

Hawo Beats & 3ch & Mony Horse – Hungry
Shurkn Pap – NEW ERA
Gottz – AQUA
NORIKIYO & DJ DEFLO – Another Locus Vol.2 Mixé par DJ DEFLO
SHEEF THE 3RD – Piece is. EP
LEX, Only U, Yung sticky wom – COSMO WORLD
ISSUGI & DJ SHOE – Both Banks
Kvi Baba – Toge ni Bara

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