AKLO was born in Tokyo and grew up in Mexico City. His Debut Album “The Package (2012)” hit the No.1 spot on the iTunes chart in Japan and was nominated as the Best New Artist of that year. In 2013 AKLO released the official anniversary song for NIKE” AIR FORCE ONE” 30th anniversary, “The Future One.”

His second album, “The Arrival (2014),” Includes the song RGTO that now has more than 10 million views on Youtube. RGTO was nominated for MTV VMAJ, Space Shower TV “Best Male Video” of that Year. Aklo was also selected as the Best Rap Artist of that year by iTunes. Aklo will release two more albums like Outside the Frame, which appeared in 2016 and became one of the most famous rappers in Japan. His recent singles “Different Man” and “Dirty Work” have been used as the opening songs for the TV and Netflix series “Dead Stock” and “Smoking.” In October 2019, he will release a new project in collaboration with BACHLOGIC.

Sources : Aklo website

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