Born In
Japan – 1979

NORIKIYO is a Japanese hip-hop artist originating from Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. He is the hip-hop group SD JUNKSTA, which was established with BRON-K and TKC back in 2001. Though very active in SD JUNKSTA, his solo career breakthrough was with his collaborations with SEEDA and DJ ISSO in 花と雨 (Hana to Ame, translated as “Flowers and Rain”). His first solo album, EXIT, was released in 2007 and was well-received by critics.


In 2011, arguably his magnum opusMelancholic Gendai, translated as “Modern Melancholic”) was released; ZAKAI selected it as one of the 500 best hip-hop albums released in Japan. From 2013-2014 he released a series of albums and singles that range in musical style, from the familiar connection with BACHLOGIC (or H. TEFLON) to newer, more experimental hip-hop tracks. In 2017, his seventh album, BOUQUET, was released, followed in 2018 by his eighth studio album Baka to Hasami, translated as “Stupid and Scissors and…”. An EP O.S.D followed these. ~Old School Discipline~ in January 2019 and Heisei Express in March 2019.

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