We met up Lipstorm in July at Studio MSR in Shibuya (Tokyo) for an exclusive interview. She told us about her first female rap group S7ICK CHICKs, her album “1000” released in 2019, her current activities, her Instagram live session during this COVID 19 period and mentionned her musical influences.

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Originally from Isahaya (Nagasaki Prefecture), Lipstorm started her RAP carreer at 17. Influenced by US rap from New York City, she build her style by mixing up the Japanese language and the English language in her lyrics. In 2013, Lipstorm moved to Tokyo, the following year she joined the female rap group S7ICK CHICKs formed by Ish One. Beside her activities as S7ICK CHICKs member, she released her first album “THIRST 4 CHI77” in 2016. Shortly after the band disbanded in 2018. Her second project “1000”  finally released in 2019.


Production : Real Japanese Hip Hop
Artist : Lipstorm
Interview : DJ Mariennu
Making : Tokyo Blu Nation
Montage : Tristan Denis / ATTANGO
Translation : IDO CHAN

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