aimi is back with a new single. The singer has started the announcements for her next single entitled Lovesick which will be available from November 3, 2021. This information was revealed on Instagram and Facebook accounts. Present for two years in the Japanese and international musical landscape, aimi is becoming more and more established. Talented and very prolific, the artist in Tokyo always presents her fans with new and quality content. She has two EPs to her credit; Water Me from 2020 and Changed 4 Good, released this year.

Lovesick supervised by Shingo.S

Dedicated to writing new songs, aimi wants to create authentic RNB music. She has been working with RNB producer Shingo.S for two years. A track creator who taps into the nostalgia of 90’s RNB and has produced for artists like Crystal KayMiriyah KatoShota ShimizuSIRUP, and many more. Shingo.S incorporates mid-tempo rhythms with soulful guitar and groovy vocals with silky harmonies in this new track. A style present in the two previous projects.

In addition to this release, the video for the single Lovesik will also be shared on November 3 on aimi’s YouTube channel. English subtitles will be available for her international fans. This announcement has made his community very happy. On social networks, we could read many messages of support. Lovesick is already available for pre-order on several streaming sites.


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