The album KINGS CROSS, by DJ HONDA and rapper Ill-bosstino (from THA BLUE HERB), will be available on November 17. The announcement was illustrated with a picture of the two artists’ albums and the name of the upcoming project. This information sent the web buzzing about the collaboration between the two hip-hop legends. Indeed, they’ve been trending in hip-hop music culture since the early 90s to become topics of conversation among rap fans. The album KINGS CROSS by Dj Honda and Ill-Bosstino from THA BLUE HERB will be released on November 17. The two artists from Hokkaido made a big splash when they announced this on social networks. name of the upcoming project.

Since his return from the United States in 2009, Dj Honda has released productions for Japanese rappers. In 2015, he was featured with rapper B.I.G JOE on the excellent UNFINISHED CONNECTION with big shows like “Shine On” and “Sapporo Time“. In Darkside, which will be released in 2019 and includes 24KILL bars, he invites several Japanese rappers on remixed versions.

Everyone thought that the THA BLUE HERB rapper would stop his career after the two projects Tha Blue Herb and 2020. But it seems that this is not the case. There were some doubts when he was involved in the overall production for rapper YOU THE ROCK★; Will Never Die released this year. KINGS CROSS will be the first collaboration between DJ HONDA and ILL-BOSSTINO. We can’t wait to listen to the 16 tracks that the two artists have concocted for us.

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