The year-end album list is in full swing. Several artists in the Japanese hip-hop industry are already keeping their fans entertained by releasing announcements of their upcoming projects. A few days before Christmas Eve and the end of the year festivities, one can listen to PEPE, the new project of beatmaker, producer EVISBEATS in collaboration with Nagipan (ex MICHEL☆PUNCH). To confirm this release for December 22nd, the two artists have shared the list of the 16 tracks planned and the cover designed by Kohei Komori on their respective social networks.

PEPE, Evisbeats and Nagipan

LABEL : Amida Records
RELEASE DATE : December 22nd, 2021

EVISBEATS released their sixth album called PEOPLE in 2019. However, there was no indication that he was planning to release a new project before the end of 2021. We had only seen four singles released from January. Cherry Blossom and Return to the womb produced with Kazuho Maeda. There was also the remix of the single CRAZY OUTSIDER, which saw the participation of the rapper Miyachi and Thelma Aoyama. In May, fans were treated to the track Seiko Chang, co-produced with Nagipan. Another producer who has been collaborating with EVISBEATS for a long time. Currently living in Hyogo Prefecture, Nagipan was active as MICHEL☆PUNCH. He has long worked with Akio Beats, Hiddady, in the album Bremen released in June 2013. This production can also be found in the MIIDA2 unit with his rapper, brother Jambo Lacquer. Hopefully, EVISBEAST and Nagipan will come back with even more details about this upcoming project in the coming weeks.

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