SHINGO★Nishinari is coming in strong this year. While preparing for the release of his new studio album, he posted a second video on YouTube on January 3. Called “Ushiro kītsukeya” with RED EYE, this single appears after 893, a track released in November 2021. In this video produced by KUROMON FILM, the rapper makes an actual demonstration and shows all his talent and technicality of the rapper. Passionate about rap music for many years, he always lets us embark on his rather singular musical universe.

Ushiro kītsukeya” will be included in the 7th album entitled “Independence Day“. A very evocative title that refers to the Nishinari Ku ghetto. One of the few Japanese cities where riots occur and gather a good part of the homeless of the Osaka area. In this environment of emotions, of sorrows, he delivers an aggressive and emotional rap at the same time. Available on all platforms from January 19, Independence Day gathers the works of some producers such as; PENTAXX.B. F, DJ FUKU, XLII, or even DJ TY-KOH.


SHINGO★Nishinari, Independence Day album cover

Album: Independence Day
Artist: SHINGO ★ Nishinari
Release Date: January 19, 2022

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