Sony Music Labels Inc. launched a new project called ReVers3:x (read as a reverse cross) which is shown in virtual space. This is a project where people can enjoy watching the short live videos of various artists’ performances. These live shows are shown in the virtual space created initially by Sony Music Labels Inc. The rapper KEIJU’s performance was the first live video on this project and was released on YouTube. This project is shown in a virtual space created primarily by Sony Music Labels Inc. It was made with Sony’s latest technology and other Sony group companies. In this project of short live performances, people can enjoy watching various artists’ performances in a virtual space. The first live show was performed by KEIJU and released worldwide. The stage was set on the streets of Tokyo, which were all created in a virtual space.

KEIJU, Revers3x Sony Music

KEIJU performed 3 songs on ReVers3:x provided by Sony Music


WEEK’S TOP SONGS : Awich, Monent Joon, HAN’NYA

 This virtual space was originally produced with MomentTokyo, REZ& and huez, who is known for XRLIVE production s. Inside this space, digital artists create artworks from OFBYFOR TOKYO, which many young cutting-edge creators are a part of. The teaser, which was released at the time of the announcement of the launch of this project, has gained more than 300,000 views. Following great expectations, finally, the entirety of the project was revealed. KEIJU performed three songs, Falling, Tears and In My Eyez, where it entered a video game space. The audience was awed by the stage effect with the cherry blossom petals falling in sync with the song and driving through the city in this virtual space with this song. This live show has been released in full size on ReVers3:x Official YouTube Channel.

The live show was shot at Sony’s volumetric shooting studio Volumetric Capture Studio Tokyo Sony’s volumetric technology is one of the highest quality in the world. MomentTokyo created the virtual space with the Volumetric capture technology using Sony’s 4K camera equipment and UNREAL ENGINE Team VJ and REZ, who have been active in significant festivals, took part in lighting visual directing as a VJ. With their skill and effort, the quality of the live show was on a whole new level compared to the usual virtual music performances. Their excellent visual direction was possible due to this unique virtual environment, which differs from live streaming performances from an actual venue.

The project ReVers3:x plans to have more XR live shows, mainly with more hip-hop artists in a random schedule for the 1st season from March 2022. It aims to be a cross-cultural spot and will release all sorts of entertainment in a virtual space. Please look out for Volume 2.


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