Find our selection of Japanese hip-hop with ten video clips released this week. The best of what happened visually last week with GADORO, ISH-ONE, Hokuto, and other artists.

Your list of the best music videos of the week is back after the holiday season. The rapper GADORO is the earliest by releasing on January 1st, 2022 the track “Yamato Nadeshiko“. A track from his fourth album was released last year. On the same day, we could also see the new production of TEAM2MVCH. The two artists, ISH-ONE and Tokyo Gal, got together again for Delmonte’s single “Beautiful“. We can’t forget to mention the first video of the year from young rapper Eric.B.Jr, “First Day Out” produced by Homunculu$ & Nova. It’s September 2019, Eric.B.Jr appeared on the Japanese rap scene with his debut EP titled WARUKAGI.

While waiting for SHINGO★Nishinari‘s seventh album, Independence Day, due on January 19, the Kansai-born rapper has just released “Ushiro kītsukeya” with RED EYE. The video has already accumulated more than 100k views since its publication on YouTube. On the side of Meta Flower, he finally released the video of the single FLOW. He released a track on March 19, 2021, with a group SCARS, BES. Impossible to miss hokuto, who continues promoting his project called plums and released in September 2021. In the track “Echo” video, we find him with peko and TAKE-M.

We have also added some videos from the last days of 2021. “Hooligan” of Jin Dogg and ANARCHY, the single “Yoru ni naru to” of the rapper Mulbe and the track “Ima” of Donatello.

GADORO – Yamato nadeshiko

ISH-ONE – Beautiful feat. Tokyo Gal

Eric.B.Jr – First Day Out

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Shingo★Nishinari – Ushiro kītsukeya feat. RED EYE

Meta Flower – FLOW feat. BES


hokuto – Echo feat. peko & テークエム


SHAKKAZOMBIE – Sora o torimodoshita hi feat. IGNITION MAN, JON-E

MULBE – Yoru ni naru to

Jin Doog & ANARCHY – Hooligan

Donatello – Ima

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