Check out our selection of Japanese hip-hop with 10 video clips released this week. The best of what happened visually last week with Jasmine, WILYWNKA, Yurufuwa Gang and other artists.

Another week full of surprises and new video clips shared by your favourite Japanese hip hop artists. Released on December 20, 2021 and produced by smiley, the single bebe has finally been released by MoNa a.k.a Sad Girl. She also added the lyrics to the description of the video on her YouTube channel. After more than nine months of silence, Osaka rapper AshuraMIC is back with his single Oitachi (生い立ち) produced by Libro. This single comes from his Asura EP which was released in 2020. The young rapper WILYWNKA will release his new project called NOT FOR RADIO on 28 January. The video for the track pepperoni has been released, confirming the upcoming release.

NENE and Ryugo Ishida of the Yurufuwa Gang are known for their extravagance and crazy videos. The proof once again with the release of the Alissa video with NENE’s rap verse. Ninja Mob, Jaz Thomas, Young Coco make their entry in this week’s TOP 10 videos. We finish with the singer Jasmine who presented Come & Talk 2 Me with the rapper B.I.G JOE.

MoNa a.k.a Sad Girl – bebe feat. Tiggar

AshuraMIC – Oitachi

WILYWNKA – Pepperoni

RJHH Spotify Playlist

Yurufuwa Gang – Alissa

AI jacky – Father feat. ataru

Za omedetazu – Tabataba



JASMINE – Come & Talk 2 Me feat. B.I.G JOE

Young Coco – Anoko

Joz Thomas – KID STAR

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